Our 1840's Farmstead, Fleur de Lis Farm, is found along the Sandy River in picturesque Farmington, Maine. We have sustainably farmed for over a decade at this lovely locale.
   We began with a raised bed garden, one for each child, and flock of heritage chickens. Soon thereafter, the beautiful & bountiful Jersey and Guernsey cattle joined us. Our family cows provide us with the highest level of milk solids, minerals and vitamins, as well as butterfat, of any known breed of cattle.

​We then began the preservation of our award-winning conservation flock of A.C.R.A. (registered, purebred and pedigreed) Cotswold sheep.
​ A Triple-Purpose sheep, who are oft referred to as the "Gentle white-giants of Golden fleece", so named for their historic contributions of their incredible meat, milk and by their abundant lustrous and curly wool.

​Our sheep supply our family & friends, the Wool Industry and Fiber Artisans alike.
​These sweet natured ewes, who possess strong mothering dispositions,  are heavy milkers - in turn, their lambs provide us with butter-mild, non-gamey, delectable gourmet lamb for our table and yours!

​{Sheep milk is  offered seasonally to the home cheese-maker, by special request.}

​In addition, luxury handspun yarn, curly locks, raw fleeces and luxurious natural lambskin sheepskin pelts for your home and loved ones. These make wonderful gifts!

 Owned and operated by husband (professional Chef) and wife (former Press-Photographer turned Homesteader) team, who together, with four (now) grown children, provide more than thirty-plus years of combined knowledge and expertise in the Culinary Arts, livestock husbandry and of life on the family farm. This love of what we do culminates in a superior product to offer from the heart of our farm, of which all is a blessing and we are pleased to share with you.